Apprentice as a game developer!

We are actively seeking to grow our development team, and accepting apprenticeships on a limited basis.  All Internships are offered at an Apprenticeship status, and all positions are currently volunteer only.  Apprentices must agree to one year of dedicated participation on the team.   We have tried shorter apprenticeships and they are not a good time investment for our needs.  Apprentices will be provided with direction to self-training materials, given relevant work assignments, and expected to perform their own research.  Apprentices are treated with equal respect to other team members and as such are expected to attend meetings and participate on the team as a regular member as well.  If you are willing to make the commitment to a year of apprenticeship with HBTZ please log on to and fill out a volunteer application.  We will notify you once your application has been received.  If your application passes review, you will be contacted to arrange an interview.