Visions Project

Visions is a 1st person 3D graphics game with a quest based and skill based gameplay in a persistent world. Players will be able to choose what role they wish to fill in society through a rich quest based Professions system. Those who wish to persue a life of adventure seeking danger around every corner may choose to learn the skills of a soldier, mercenary or a hunter. While others who prefer a more relaxing gameplay experience can choose a somewhat more sedentary profession such as Pottery, Mining, or Baking. Still others might wish to excercise their creativity as an entertainer, and learn dance, music, or sports. There will be quests relating to historic events of the period in which the player can take part in the events for a full immersion into history experience. There will also be Biblical history quests where the player can earn verses from the Bible for their scroll collection. In special instances they will be able to experience dreams or visions in the game during which the player can experience events of the Bible at key points in Biblical history.

Chariots Project

Chariots is a racing game set in Ancient History, loosly incorporating Greek, Roman and Biblical history into the theme. Players will be able to race on foot, on horseback, and of course in a Chariot. We have a variety of horses the player will be able to choose from, and an assortment of Chariot styles the player can earn upgrades to obtain. The player starts on the Island of Cyprus, where there will be 13 cities with a variety of race types and difficulty levels for the player to accomplish. The player will also be able to experience some races in an Egyptian setting, complete with Pyramids.