Our private ARK server

We are running a private ARK server. It is PVE with increased taming and several mods to make the game more fun. If we get a lot of people players and people are willing to help pay our hosting expenses then we’ll increase the allowable server population. Currently we are running the Fjordur server. You will need the free Fjordur expansion to be able to use it. Some of the mods we have added that we feel make the game more fun are: narc arrows, villager structures, S+ structures, and dragons.

We don’t play on the public servers because we don’t like people killing people, stealing, and a lot of the other brutality that happens on the official ARK public servers. People who try to bring that kind of brutality to our server will be banned and access will be blocked for all new users. We have kept our server private to our own family to date because we don’t want to deal with that mess. But our son wants to play with his friend so we made the server open on the Unofficial server list. This means my friends can play with me now too. You can find us on the Unofficial server list as Wells-Fjordur. If you enjoy playing on our server please consider donating to our monthly hosting expenses.

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We are not the developers of ARK, we are not on the ARK development team, we have no control over what happens with ARK updates or even the mods. We are players just like you who have made our server available for others to join us. Please keep it fun!

You can find ARK on Steam at this link:

And you can find the Ragnarok free expansion here:


To play on the Schorched Earth server you need the paid Scorched Earth expansion: