Visions Game Supporters

Anxious to see us finish Visions? Invest your financial blessings into this work we are doing for God. Active Supporters will gain special benefits along the way as we are able to provide them. Help us finish the game by investing in our efforts! In the ancient Roman empire they bought their ranks in government. What rank will you buy?

Buy your rank in a monthy subscription

Q. What do I get for my contribution?

A. Well the idea is that as “early Adopters” so to speak, you will get special privileges and perks that people who wait until the game is live won’t be able to get. You may get special titles in Visions when it launches, according to your contribution level. You may get special access in any mini-web games we may make along the way. You may get early access to test servers or the game itself when we get closer to launch. You may get special trinkets or gifts with the company logo on it, according to contribution levels. We can give you special pocket pets, bonus items for their character (furniture, clothes, etc.) and things like that in the game when we get to that point, each valued according to contribution levels. We haven’t identified exactly what will definitely be given but the idea is to reward Early Active Supporters frequently and lavishly for their contributions.  At least up through game launch.

For more information about Visions please visit our official Visions game website: