Treasures In Heaven

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Treasures in Heaven is now available on The Game Crafter in a professionally printed box. The Game Crafter is a “Print on Demand” site which means that they won’t start printing your copy of the game until after you order it. Since it is custom printed, prices are a little bit higher than a game of comparable complexity that you might find in a brick and mortar game store, and we only make a small percentage from the sale. We hope you enjoy the game! Thank you for supporting our work!

Treasures In Heaven on The Game Crafter

Treasures in Heaven is a cooperative board game about the fruits of the spirit for 2 to 9 players. It is helpful if players can read, but color coded cards make it possible for younger players to join the fun with the adults! Players work together to gather all the fruits of the spirit before the rains come and spoil the harvest. Gameplay lasts about 30 to 45 minutes.

Actual game being played at a game night!
Prototype of the game being played at a game night!

This game won an award at the 2010 CGDC annual game design competition. The rule was it had to use a chromatic scale of colors. Christian content is a bonus.  Treasures in Heaven does both! What I did was match up the 9 fruits of the spirit to 9 different fruits in a rainbow of colors. After some play testing and a few revisions, the game is now ready for people to play! Enjoy!


Treasures In Heaven F.A.Q.

Who can play?

-Anyone age 5 to 105.  Reading helps but if there is at least one person at the table who can read, everyone can play.  Small parts not suitable for children 3 and younger.

How many players?

-2 to 9 players

What style of game is it?

-Cooperative, meaning everyone at the table wins together, or else everyone loses together.

How long does it take to play?

-About 1 hour start to finish.

Does the game really have everything I need to play in the print kit?

-Everything except one 6 sided die which you will need to provide. And scissors of course to cut out the playing pieces.

I want to play it at a mixed gathering. Is it a really preachy Christian game?

-Not at all. Optional verses are provided which can be printed on the back of the cards for entertainment purposes, but otherwise it really doesn’t preach at all. Just play and have fun!