Join the Visions game development team!

Be part of the world’s first Christian MMORPG game development team! Help us create Visions. Gain valuable industry experience working with the Bigworld game engine, an industry standard engine designed specifically for massive online worlds. Visions is an historical game set in the Ancient Roman empire. It is a quest and skill based game with three primary quest tracks: Professions, History, Scriptures. Players start out as a slave and earn their freedom by learning a Profession. There are history quests relevant to the 100AD era. And there are scripture quests for players to collect all the verses to compile their own Bible. It is heavily tradeskill oriented where play characters will be able to make almost everything that they use in the game. Because it is skill based, and not level based, veteran players will be able to share meaningful gameplay with new friends just joining the game. Use your gifts and talents for God’s glory. Get involved and help us finish this game!


We have an opportunity for Independent Sales people to come along side us and earn commissions from selling our games. Earn 20% from every referral from your site. No sign-up fee! You can sell from your existing Blog site, or create a new store site, whichever works best for you. When you sell our games, you are helping us fund the development of Visions. We do not have outside corporate funding, so this is our only revenue. Do you have a gift for sales? Come help us! Learn more on our store website.


We are creating a massive game world to include a majority of the Mediterranean basin, so we have a lot of work for worldbuilders to do. This is a volunteer position. Apply now!


Visions is currently in the second Alpha state of development, meaning the core functionality of the game mechanics are not implemented yet, so there is a lot of work for programmers to do as well. This is a volunteer position. Apply now!


We have an ongoing need for artists, and occasionally for researchers working in tandem with artists, to create the buildings, items, and various visual elements of the game. We especially need artists who are comfortable with building 3D models of ancient Roman buildings with nothing more than a floor plan, or pictures of ruins to go by – historic artistic interpretation is a must. Artists just joining the team will not gain game editor access immediately, as we have a limited number of seats. This is a volunteer position. Apply now!


Players interested in testing the game can buy access to our alpha test server for just $30 to access the download client. This is a rare opportunity to grow with the game and see it like the developers do. Get it now!

Free applied Programming classes online!

We have new programming classes!  George Garman, a Visions team Senior Programmer, has offered to serve on our team as a Programming Instructor for our new developers who are learning, or need to brush up on their skills.  He will be developing a series of courses to teach specific programming concepts in C++ and Torque Script.

Membership on the development team is required for participation in the class as many class projects will be directly related to our game development projects.  Currently there is no fee for joining George’s classes, but assignments will need to be turned in on time and in completion to stay in the class. We will be working on delivery methods as technology becomes available. Currently emails, IRC, Teamspeak and videos are anticipated to be the primary delivery methods of information, as all classes are online. Live instruction will be recorded and used for future classes as well.  George will be working closely with the Director of Programming, Mark Dynna, to coordinate his class instruction to the needs of the game.  Class Assignments will be geared toward needs of the development project whenever possible, thus meaning that students will be working directly with actual game code much of the time.  As students attain a level of proficiency that they can engage in self-directed learning, they will be given more independant task assignments on the game project to work with. It is expected that the students will ask questions about issues they have with their project assignments to advance their knowledge.

A minimum of a 1 year commitment is required for this programming internship/apprenticeship opportunity. If you are wanting to join George’s programming classes, please send in an online volunteer application to officially confirm your interest and note on the application that you are interested in the Programming Apprenticeship classes. Apply online here:

Thank you for your interest in our game development projects!  If you would like to learn more about our company before applying you can visit our company website here

New Music Director added to the Visions team!

Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo has accepted Rick Lane as the new Music Director for the Visions game development team!  Rick began working with sound and lighting in 1976.  Over the many years since he have worked in the studio, theater and motion picture industry with both lighting and sound.  He is a song writer/ composer, plays several instruments but guitar is his main instrument. Rick played music professionally for six years around southern Arizona and has worked as a studio musician for Parr Sound Studios in Corvallis, Montana . He has been a worship leader in various churches in Tucson, Arizona; Salt lake city, Utah; and western Montana for the past 13 years. He is currently working with the artist development department for the Incubator group out of Cheshire , Oregon as one of their new Christian artists.  As the new Music Director for Visions, Rick has made a commitment to see the game development through launch at least.  We are excited to have him as the newest leader on our game development team!

We are still recruiting for other Leadership positions on the development team. Quest Director and Art Director are still open as well.  We are actively seeking to build and strengthen our leadership structure to prepare for the growth of our team to a much larger game development staff.  We are of course still accepting applications for non-management positions as well.

We have filled 3 Director positions on the Visions team. Mark Dynna has been promoted to Programming Team Director, and Tim Wright maintains his position as the Marketing Director.  Other manager level positions still open!  Are you looking for Game Development experience? Apply to our volunteer team today!

About the author: Laurene Wells is the Designer and Producer of Visions.  She registered her company Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo in 2003 and lives in Oregon with her husband and four children. Laurene has been leading her volunteer development team for more than 5 years now, they have released the racing game Chariots and are back to working on their flagship project, Visions, a Christian MMORPG. More information about Laurene’s company and game development projects can be found on the website.