Volunteer your time

Happy New Year!  As we finish recuperating from the frenzy of the holiday season, we extend a renewed invitation to join our volunteer game development team.  Do you want to help us finish Visions?

Benefits include development experience on a massive scale MMORPG, new friends, and satisfaction that you’re using your gifts and talents for the Lord.

Requirements include a strong drive to achieve the goals set before you, strong self-motivator, strong team spirit, excellent communication skills, ability to accept instruction, personal interest in completing the Visions game project, and it’s very helpful if you have a strong faith in Jesus Christ to help you endure the trials that come our way.

We are looking for people to fill the following roles:

(Listed from greatest need at the top to lesser needs at the bottom)

C++ Programmers with a TGEA license *

Torque Scripters*

3D animators* (proficient in Milkshape and/or Fragmotion)- (Particularly those proficient in working with animals)

Worldbuilders *

3D texture artists*

3D mesh modelers* (proficient in Milkshape and/or Fragmotion)

Quest Writers (must work within very specific constraints)

Sound FX Engineers and composers*

Community Manager

Research Assistants (must be capable of working closely with the quest writers, and return results quickly)

Public Relations Manager

Marketing Specialists

Please apply online from the Visions website:  www.visionsgame.com

All positions are volunteer only. There are no paid positions on our team at this time.

*NOTE: We are contemplating an upgrade to T3D which will require all programmers, scripters, and worldbuilders to have a T3D license.  Artists may require a T3D license as well in order to be able to test their art for game-readiness.  Sound Engineers would need a T3D license to be able to interact with the worldbuilding tool to implement and modify audio FX in the game. As the license is an individual license that remains with the individual, our team does not provide these licenses to developers. Volunteers are responsible for obtaining their own T3D license from http://garagegames.com which will remain with the license-holder for life.

Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo and the Visions game development team are not affiliated with Garage Games in any way other than we use their game engine to make our game.