Become a Visions Game Affiliate!

We are expanding our Visions Affiliate opportunities on the website! Originally the only way to become a Visions affiliate was to participate in one of our crowdfunding events. As of this posting today we have new opportunities for businesses or individuals to become affiliate sponsors of Visions. Come see our newly updated Affiliates page over here!

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Visions Affiliates

There are a variety of opportunities available. Get your web link on our website! Include your logo if you wish. Choose the monthly subscription option, or get a big discount for choosing the annual budget option. There are also In-Game advertising opportunities! That’s right! Get your name in the game by purchasing a commemorative object that we will place in the game for you.


Not just for businesses… Have a someone on your gift list that already has everything? Consider gifting them with an in-game commemorative brick or statue! Honor a loved one with a memorial site in Visions. Write your own text or let us help you craft the perfect message for all players to see when they pass by the memorial statue.

Red Christmas Bear image
Christmas Gift Idea!

All affiliate contributions help pay for the development of Visions. We need a new server. We have monthly expenses that need to be met. There are many costs we have already incurred as well as additional goals we would like to meet which require additional funding. Your financial contributions, and your prayers, help us make Visions become a reality. Thank you for your support!

God bless you.


Christmas Screenshot from 2013
Christmas is coming soon!

Affiliate Program is now Available!

I do believe we finally got our Affiliate program properly set up! And the new store is live! Who wants to be our first Independent Sales Person to test it out and start earning a 20% commission from sales?

It took us far longer to get this completed than we originally had expected it would take, but hopefully the results are worth it. Now anyone can sign up as an Affiliate (it’s free!) and start selling our games! Right now we just have 1 product available on the Commission sales plan, but hope to be adding the others as we’re able over the next month.

Thank you for your support!

Free ACK color overlay pack for Indie game devs

Are you an Indie game developer?  Do you use the MACK or FACK pack from Broke Ass Games in your game project?  If you answered yes to both of these questions then you may be interested in a FREE skin overlay pack that we are offering!  Check out the details on the Visions website.

This is a free download of 95 texture color overlays for the MACK and FACK Advanced Character Kits.  We think you’ll like it!

You can do big things!

The concept behind the Kickstarter program is for a lot of people to contribute a little bit to make great things happen.  Artists, musician, writers, explorers, even game developers all find a warm welcome in this community of aspiring creative minds. This is your opportunity to help with the final push to get Visions to open beta!  We just launched our very own Kickstarter page today.  Check it out!

Thank you for supporting us!

2 chances to help us win!

Still have 2 contests in the running. And people can vote once a day.

This one at startup nation is for a publicity package:

This one at Idea Cafe is for a small business grant:

(Remember to Click the DIGG button!)

Both would be helpful to our efforts. We’re really close on the Startupnation contest, I have no idea how we’re doing on the Idea Cafe contest. Thank you for voting for us!

Skate boards and neck ties and t-shirts! Oh my!

Tons of new stuff available to fans on our new Zazzle store! The usual t-shirts, buttons and stickers can be found, plus a variety of unusual items as well, such as skateboards, coffee mugs, beer steins, and neck ties. There is even a pair of Chariots specific Keds brand shoes!*

Get your game gear! Sure to be something to please everyone! All purchases from the tinyzoo* store go to benefit our volunteer game development team. Thank you for your support!