Visions on Mt Dew Cans!!! Make it happen!

My contest entry was accepted to the DEWmocracy competition.  Please vote for me!

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Look for this image on the cans when voting!  I used a screenshot from Visions as the backdrop for my design. A vote for me is a vote for Visions!

I made the design by myself, this was not a team effort.  But it was my hope that if I won the $10,000 grand prize, I could use some of the funds to buy some development software, specifically Ecstasy Motion for 3D art and animation, (as well as pay for braces for my son, and get Dentist and Eye Dr. appointments for the whole family).  I am thrilled about the recognition we’re getting and hope you all will vote for me!

Thank you!

-Laurene Wells

EDIT: Here’s a screenshot from the voting page.  Wouldn’t it be cool to hold a can like this in your hand?



  1. You’ll see that my “Inspiration” text got cut off. I was told that I needed to cut it down to 1000 characters or less. Apparently, a LOT less! If you’re interested in reading the rest of the story, this is the original text that I submitted (which was itself edited down from an even longer text! LOL):

    I started thinking about the 3 flavors, and the color swatches and I thought it would be cool if I had a photo of an actual tropical island to make a really awesome label, relating to how they have used high detail images on the Game Fuel can. But I dont live anywhere near a tropical island and any images I had would belong to someone else. That’s when I got the idea to use the game engine I’m using to make Visions with to actually create a tropical island type scene in 3D, and use a screenshot of that for the backdrop. I incorporated the flavor swatches, so all three flavor colors are reflected in this design, and hints at the green label template that was provided as well. If I win the money will be used to get my youngest son braces, to pay for vision and dental expenses for all my children, to pay off some bills that have accumulated, and if any is left over after that to get a new piece of art software for my game development efforts.

    Apparently I’m the only contestant who had a lot to say about their entry. Some people didn’t say anything at all with theirs… Most said only a very little bit. Don’t know if this helps me or hurts me, but it’s interesting anyway. Thanks again for voting!

  2. I think it looks really cool! I’d be drinking Mtn Dew every time I went out (even though I don’t like Mtn Dew!)

    I’ve been wanting to ask a question for a while, but the forums are pretty inactive. Are you guys through with the world building (or at least most of it)? It just seems that way since you’re working on other things now, like the sharks (which are awesome!!) =D

    • No we aren’t done with worldbuilding, but creating new models is part of the worldbuilding process. And in some cases (as with the sharks) we collaborate our work with friends, so that one model is going to be used in two different (and otherwise unrelated) games because it helps both of us and we are helping each other.

  3. Thanks for voting for us! Today is the last day to vote!

    From Mountain Dew: LAST CHANCE to vote in the DEWmocracy Design Challenge = Dew fans created some UNREAL can designs that could end up being the packaging for the next DEW. **VOTE TODAY** for your favorites here –>

    Visions-themed Dew label

  4. Near as I can tell, we did not make the top 5. We still have 2 other contests we are participating in. If you’re willing, please vote for us there!

    Thank you for voting!

    Idea Cafe has a small business grant that we applied for and made it into the top 40 semi-finalists. The grant is for $1000 and it must be spent in a specific way on the business (not on the dentist). But it would help. And the publicity would be a benefit to us.

    The same with the StartupNation contest. The prize is small but the publicity would be awesome! And I’ve hit rank 5 in popularity! I am one rank away from having a real chance to win! That would be excellent!

    Thank you for voting for me, and for Visions!